Network Connection

Internet access is available to 淫性视频 users. Click below for information on how to connect your devices to the 淫性视频 network.

Wireless Network Access

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You can initially connect your laptop or mobile device(s) to the internet from campus using 淫性视频-WiFi.

Upon opening your browser, you'll see a 淫性视频 WiFi Access notice. Read the "Acceptable Usage Standards of Computing and Communication Technology", then select I accept 淫性视频's Acceptable Use Standards and click on Submit. The system will provide you with unlimited access to the Internet.  After 12 hours you will have to follow these steps again to regain access to the Internet.

To set up a permanent connection using 淫性视频-Secure-WiFi, select it from the list of available connections and enter your 淫性视频 GoPortal username and password. 淫性视频 GoPortal users are allowed to connect up to 3 devices to the 淫性视频-Secure-WiFi network. For more information on how to connect to 淫性视频鈥檚 wireless network, refer to the links below. 


Apple Devices

apple devices

Windows Devices

windows computers

Android Devices

android devices



Housing Connection

For help, call 609-652-4309 or send e-mail to

Students residing on campus are able to connect to 淫性视频's LAN which will provide them with very fast access to the Internet (You鈥檒l need an Ethernet cable) Also, wireless access is available in the main academic complex.

淫性视频 has undergone significant improvements to both the wired and wireless network infrastructure. These changes make it possible to support increased bandwidth consumption in the academic complex, as well as in the residential communities. As a result, support for a variety of is now available for residential students.

Students are reminded that the illegal downloading of music and video files is a violation of the Acceptable Usage Standards of Computing and Communication Technology and Federal copyright law. 

The following types of devices are not supported on 淫性视频 WiFi networks:

  • Network Printers
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Devices which require Network Discovery to function

Gaming & Media Devices

Students living on campus are able to connect their game consoles and media streaming devices to the network by using 淫性视频's self managed device registration system, .

Below, you will find instructions for locating the MAC address for various devices that can be registered on the network. 

Playstation Consoles


Xbox Consoles


Nintendo Consoles


Amazon Alexa & Fire TV


Google Home

google home



Apple TV



For additional support, please visit, call, or email the ITS Help Desk at (609) 652-4309 or