The purpose of Uncle Chuck's Cannabis Camp is to provide cannabis education in an easy to understand format, with a focus on those seeking cannabis to relieve certain symptoms associated with Anxiety and Depression.

I am not a doctor or licensed medical professional of any kind. I am however, a cannabis user and advocate with over 35 years experience in many different aspects of the plant.


Cannabis has continued to help me with my Anxiety and Depression. And I know it can help others. So, I created The UCCC as a place to educate the mind, elevate the heart and inform the public in a manner that is both accurate, empathetic and hopefully helps others start living their best life.

Thank you for your interest in attending UNCLE CHUCK's CANNABIS CAMP (UCCC).

We hope you enjoy your visit.



-Uncle Chuck 

Our Philosophy
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UCCC believes that cannabis legalization begins with accurate and easily understood cannabis education. This knowledge should be affordable and available to everyone. 


Trust UCCC to provide easy to understand cannabis education and guidance focused on those battling Anxiety or Depression.