Uncle Chuck's Cannabis Camp offers a series of online cannabis education workshops  catered to both individual and group needs. Our workshops our designed with the novice cannabis user in mind, but even experienced cannabis users might benefit from attending one of our wide range of workshops. The typical UCCC student starts with little or no knowledge of what cannabis is or how it works. It is our goal to change that. Through our courses you will learn the basics of both the plant and its uses. You will learn its history and be better prepared for its future.  


 We here at The UCCC openly promote full legalization of cannabis and advance toward that goal by providing accurate and open cannabis education to groups and individuals everywhere at low and often no cost.


Together we can use education and communication to eliminate the misconception of cannabis and its uses.

Thank you for your interest in attending UNCLE CHUCK's CANNABIS CAMP (UCCC).

We hope you enjoy your visit.



Uncle Chuck (Founder)

Our Philosophy
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UCCC believes that cannabis legalization begins with accurate and easily understood cannabis education. This knowledge should be affordable and available to everyone. 


Trust UCCC to provide easy to understand cannabis education and guidance.  

Our History

Suffering from an anxiety attack is typically never an enjoyable event. Our founder was able to eliminate his attacks with cannabis at the age of fourteen. Thirty-five years later, he created Uncle Chuck's Cannabis Camp to continue his advocacy for legal cannabis everywhere. 


Uncle Chuck's Cannabis Camp was founded in 2020.