Our Services

  • 1 hr

    $35.00 per class
  • $100 per group
  • 1 hr

    $25.00 per Report

Individual Class

Private consultation and class options.

Group Class

Trade Shows, Conventions, Businesses, Private & Public Groups.

PMD Report

A custom made cannabis profile report.

Other services...

Social Media Consultation and Business Solutions

Individual Class

1 Hour (All Basic and 1 Adv.)


Add 1 advance class


Your personal one on one cannabis consultation will cover both Base Classes and your choice of one advanced class:

Base classes:

101 Plant Basics

102 Endocannabinoid System


Advanced classes:

201 Phenotypes

202 Concentrates

203 Dosage

204 Growing 

205 History

Group Classes

2 hours


120 minutes of cannabis education followed by audience Q & A. 


1 Report


Supplemental Subscription

$5.00 a year

A custom made cannabis profile outlining usage, method and dosage. Subscriptions include update supplemental as your needs change and the industry adapts.