The UCCC Camp Tours

Posted July 4, 2020


UCCC Camp Tours reflects UCCC's commitment to cannabis education to the community. Through this program, UCCC visits and educates different businesses both inside and outside of the cannabis industry. Education being the key to positive business to business communication.  



UCCC Expo Events

Posted July 4, 2020


UCCC Expo Events include Cannabis Expos, Conventions and Cannabis Cups. We also enjoy bringing cannabis education to groups attending events where cannabis is not the main focus but still benefit from a cannabis workshop for its attendees. 

Video Convention
Ribbon Cutting
Dispensary Grand Openings

jULY 5, 2020


One of the things we enjoy the most at UCCC is receiving an invitation to attend a Dispensary Grand Opening. Not only are they exciting and fun to attend, they also represent a cannabis positive direction for the town or city for which they take place. 


Upcoming Events


June 11, 2021
HASHTAGHASH with Uncle Chuck

“Cannabis, the most expensive produce on