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SoJourn is a collaborative effort. Local historians contribute the articles; 淫性视频 students edit, design the layout, and set type; SJCHC oversees the publication.

Articles by Issue:

鈥淣ash鈥檚 Cabin (Buck Run)鈥 by Richard Watson, 7

鈥淭he Future of Transportation: The Bicycle Railway鈥 by Dennis McDonald, 17

鈥淢ary, Mary, Quite Contrary . . .鈥 by Patricia A. Martinelli, 27

鈥淏ipolar State: A Survey and Analysis of South Jersey鈥檚 Geographical and Cultural Borders鈥 by Robert Lowe Barnett and Steve Chernoski, 33

鈥淚mmersion鈥 by Kenneth Tompkins, 49

鈥淪hinplasters: Economic Remnants of New Jersey鈥檚 Glass Industry鈥 by Todd R. Sciore, 55

鈥淭he Burlington Town Plan: From Medieval to Modern鈥 by Robert P. Thompson, 63

鈥淣ature, Naturalists, and South Jersey鈥 by Claude M. Epstein, 75

鈥淢ary Ann and the Cranberry Farm, a Transformative Experience鈥 by Alexis Demitroff, 89

鈥淜ate Aylesford: Modernity and Place in New Jersey鈥檚 Pine Barrens鈥 by Matthew G. Hatvany, 7

鈥淎lfred and Muriel: The Story of the J. A. Sweeton House in Cherry Hill, New Jersey鈥 by Brian Stolz as told by Jim Stanton, 19

鈥淪chool Segregation in the Post-Civil War Era: Burlington County, New Jersey, 1865鈥1915鈥 by Zachary T. Baer, 25

鈥淲here Blackberries Grew: Margaret Mead in Hammonton鈥 by Patricia Chappine and Mark Demitroff, 37

鈥淎 Day on the Bay with Waterman Phil Andersen鈥 by Susan Allen, 45

鈥淪outh Jersey Fruit Picking Tickets鈥 by Richard Watson, 50

鈥淔rom Butcher Knife to Scalpel: Four Generations of South Jersey Physicians鈥 by Lisa E. Cox, Edward Hutton and Ruth Hutton-Williams, 63

鈥淢anufacturing from Menhaden: A History in the Mullica Valley鈥 by Kenneth W. Able, 75

鈥淐arabajal, The Jew: A Legend of Monterey, Mexico鈥 by Charles K. Landis, 83

鈥淩eimagining a Remnant of the Past at 淫性视频鈥 by James Pullaro and Paul W. Schopp, 100

鈥淭he First African American Excursion to Atlantic City鈥 by Paul W. Schopp, 7

鈥淧roving a Legend: A Submarine in the Rancocas Creek鈥 by Alice Smith, 15

鈥淏revet Brigadier General Elias Wright: Surveyor Extraordinaire鈥 by Elizabeth G. Carpenter, 23

鈥淢apping the Mullica Valley: Natural History Landscapes鈥 by Kenneth W. Able, 33

鈥淥ff Course in a Raging Sea: Captain William M. Phillips and the Plight of the Schooner Benjamin E. Valentine鈥 by Paul W. Schopp with Anthony Ficcaglia, 45

鈥淗aul Away, Boys!鈥 53

鈥淛erseyisms鈥 by Francis E. Lee, 59

鈥淭he Rebirth of Buzby鈥檚 Chatsworth General Store鈥 by R. Marilyn Schmidt, 68

鈥淭he Publications of R. Marilyn Schmidt,鈥 78

鈥淭he Endicott-Reardon Family Museum鈥 by Rebecca Muller, 81

鈥淎necdotes and Memoirs of William Boen,鈥 85

鈥淭he Coia Map Project鈥 by James Pullaro and Paul W. Schopp, 94

鈥淢ade in Nesco: The Inter-Generational Project of Place-Making鈥 by Mary Jo Kietzman, 7

鈥淟e Balloonist鈥 by Hal Taylor, 23

鈥淓lizabeth C. White鈥檚 Garden鈥 by Albertine Senske, 28

鈥淧ocahontas on the Delaware: The Intersection of History and Legend in the Historiography of New Jersey鈥 by John W. Lawrence, 39

鈥淐alico or Dobbin鈥檚 Bog鈥 by Rich Watson, 53

鈥淧lagues and Public Policy: How South Jersey Cleaned Up Its Act鈥 by Claude Epstein, 69

鈥溡允悠 Welcomes Heather Perez: Special Collections Librarian and Archivist鈥 by Amy Krieger, 83

鈥淕host Forests in the Mullica Valley: Indicators of Sea-Level Rise鈥 by Kenneth W. Able, Jennifer Walker, and Benjamin P. Horton, 87

鈥淎 February Freshet & Breach in the Bank鈥 by Dallas Lore Sharp, 97

鈥淏attle of Turtle Gut Inlet鈥 by Zachary T. Baer and PaulW. Schopp, 7

鈥淭he Battle of Iron Works Hill鈥 by Salvatore D. Gabriele, 17

鈥淜night at Egg Harbor鈥 by J. Anthony Harness, 31

鈥淔orgotten Victories鈥 by Jeffery M. Dorwart, 41

鈥淩esearch into the Battle of Gloucester鈥 by Garry Wheeler Stone, Paul W. Schopp, and Jason R. Wickertsty, 55

鈥淭he Battle of the Kegs鈥 by Francis Hopkinson, 74

鈥淪hould New Jersey Be Considered the Crossroads of the American Revolution?鈥 by Zachary T. Baer, 77

鈥淲hen Mad Anthony Came to South Jersey鈥 by Claude M. Epstein, 81

鈥淭he Lord鈥檚 Orders鈥 by J. Anthony Harness, 95

鈥淏orn a Peacemaker, Became a Patriot: 1st Lieutenant Jeremiah Leeds鈥 by Norman Reeves Goos, 107

鈥淣otice is Hereby Given: Extracts from Colonial Newspapers,鈥 120

鈥淪outh Jersey鈥檚 Revolutionary Battles, Skirmishes, and Future Research,鈥 127

鈥淐edar Bridge Tavern,鈥 137

鈥淭he Atlantic County Veterans Museum,鈥 by Jackson Glassey, 141

鈥淭he Southern Pine Barrens: An Ethnic Archipelago鈥 by Elizabeth Marsh, Mark Demitroff, and Paul W. Schopp, 7

鈥淯nexpected Wildlife Refuge: Haven for South Jersey Wildlife鈥 by Nedim C. Buyukmihci, 26

鈥淭he Sphinx Woman鈥 by Patricia A. Martinelli, 33

鈥淗orseshoe Crabs: Ancient Migrators鈥 by Kenneth W. Able, Thomas M. Grothues, and Paola L贸pez-Duarte, 39

鈥淎ll Aboard for Amatol, New Jersey鈥 by Daniel J. Dinnebeil, 45

鈥淯nlikely Farmers: Tokens of the Allivine Canning Company鈥 by Todd R. Sciore, 55

鈥淭he Newton Union Burial Ground: The Site of Camden County鈥檚 Origin and The Resting Place of Its Earliest Pioneers鈥 by Robert Shinn, Andrew Levecchia, and Sandra White Grear, 63

鈥淎 Century Later: The Spanish Flu in New Jersey鈥 by Brendan Honick, 85

鈥淭he Youthful Emigrant: A True Story of the Early Settlement of New Jersey鈥 by Lydia Maria Child, 87

鈥淭he Compendium of New Jersey鈥檚 Crossroads in Folk Music鈥 by Jackson Glassey, 95

鈥淭he Bayshore Center: A Unique Maritime Experience on the Delaware Bay鈥 by Jessica English, 99 

鈥淭he Great Island Lying Before Shackamaxon: Petty Island, Lenape-Colonist Relations, and Provincial Rivalries, 1678-1701" by Robert A. Shinn and Jean R. Soderlund, 7

鈥淐aptain Wilson & the Walt Whitman Bridge," by Samantha Wyld and Tom Kinsella, 25

鈥淕ary Giberson Talks about Cedar" by Gary Giberson, 30

鈥淩ailroads and Forest Fires" by Horace A. Somes Jr. and Paul W. Schopp, 45

鈥淢ap of the Skirmish or Battle of Iron Works Hill" by Adam E. Zielinski, 55

鈥淛ournal of Thomas Hopkins of the Friendship Salt Works, New Jersey, 1780" 59

鈥淭he New Old Cedar Bridge Tavern" by Jessica Camberlain, 71

鈥淎 Window to the Past: Waretown's Glass Negative Postcard Set鈥 by Adele R. Shaw, 74

"Who Was Alick Merriman? A South Jersey Real Photo Postcard Photographer" by Paul W. Schopp, 95

鈥淪hirley Burd Whealton, In Memoriam" by Peter H. Stemmmer, 99

SoJourn 4.2 Winter 2019/20 was unavoidably delayed by Covid, then passed over altogether. Sorry.

鈥淗istory and Ecology of Salt Marsh Ditches in the Mullica Valley鈥 by Kenneth W. Able, 7

鈥淭he Kennedy Farm鈥 by Raymond Dudo, 18

鈥淎 Bay-Side Outing鈥 by Charles C. Abbott, 29

鈥淩echerch茅 Days on the Rancocas: the Bon-Air Club鈥 by Zachary T. Baer and Paul W. Schopp, 33

鈥淔orgotten Flier of the Pines: The Last Flight of Major William F. Dimas鈥 by John Gregg, 47

鈥淭he McNeal Mansion鈥 by Richard Lewis, 53

鈥淗istory of the McNeal Mansion鈥 by Paul W. Schopp, 57

鈥淢aurice River Memories: Introduction, Summertime 1937, and Tidewater,鈥 by Joseph S. Reeves, 65

鈥淎spirational News: The Woman鈥檚 Edition of the Daily Pioneer and the Presbyterian Improvement Society in Bridgeton, New Jersey, 1898鈥 by Brittney Ingersoll, 77

鈥淔ield Diary of Vernon Bailey: Amatol, New Jersey, May 21, 1919鈥 by Vernon O. Bailey, 87

鈥淎fterword to The Kidnapped and The Ransomed: The Still Brothers Trilogy is Complete鈥 by Paul W. Schopp, 91

鈥淎ugustine Herrman and the Mapping of Southern New Jersey鈥 by John W. Lawrence, 7

鈥淭rials and Hardships of Immigrants鈥 by Louis Mounier, 17

鈥淪ea Breeze, New Jersey: A Landscape History鈥 by Samuel Avery-Quinn, 21

鈥淢aurice River Fire Deals Serious Damage to Oyster Houses,鈥 images from the Mickey Smith Collection; text by Louis Burgess, 37

鈥淭he Forgotten South Jersey Author: Stories of the Pine Barrens鈥 by F. James Bergmann, 43

鈥淭he Unnatural History of South Jersey Lagoons鈥 by Kenneth W. Able, 49

鈥淲arbirds Over the Pinelands鈥 by Horace Somes Jr., 55

鈥淪elections from the Noyes Decoy Collection鈥 by Gary Giberson, 67

鈥淢aurice River Memories: Driftwood and Start of the Season鈥 by Joseph S. Reeves, 88

鈥淪outh Jersey Horse Rescue鈥 by Amanda Clark and Sarahjane Hehre, 98

鈥淐areers in Camerawork: Six Photographers of Camden, New Jersey, 1860鈥1910鈥 by Gary D. Saretzky, 7

鈥 鈥楤ig Saturday鈥 in the Pines: The Burlington Gazette, Friday, August 1, 1845鈥 by Edmund Morris, 27

鈥淭he Skinny on the Privy: Investigation of the Shipman Mansion Privy鈥 by John W. Lawrence, 33

鈥淭he Artist and the Lighthouse鈥 by Hal Taylor, 47

鈥淛arrad, Last of the Pineys鈥 by George Agnew Chamberlain, 51
鈥淕eorge E. Weber: Burlington County鈥檚 Greatest Athlete鈥 by Dennis McDonald, 61

鈥淪outh Jersey Scout Hero鈥 by Erik L. Burro, 69

鈥淢aurice River Memories: 鈥楺uackam鈥檚 Beach鈥 and 鈥楻elatives鈥 鈥 by Joseph S. Reeves Jr., 75

鈥淚n Memoriam Mark Maxwell鈥 by Dennis Niceler & Friends, 81

鈥淭he Sum of its Parts: The Making of Port Republic鈥 by Paul W. Schopp, 83

A thematic issue, discussing the coastal and riverside ways of life of South Jersey. 50% larger than a standard issue.

鈥淎gainst All Odds: The Judge鈥檚 Shack at Island Beach State Park鈥 by Bill Bolger 7

鈥淩ed Knots & Horseshoe Crabs鈥 by Susan Allen, 19

鈥淩ails to Brigantine鈥 by Norm Goos, 34

鈥淐rossing the Salt Marshes in South Jersey: Remembering the Railroads鈥 by Kenneth W. Able and Paul W. Schopp, 52

鈥淎 Curious Case of Survival: History of the Red Dragon Canoe Club鈥 by John Lawrence, 71

鈥淭he Fabled Settlement of Fish House and the Tammany Pea Shore Fishing Company鈥 by Paul W. Schopp, 81

鈥淥cean City鈥檚 Oldest Surviving Church Structure鈥 by Loretta Thompson Harris, 95

鈥淪cullers, Decoy Carvers, and River Rats on the Delaware River: The Watermen of Delanco, New Jersey鈥 by Alice M. Smith, 106

鈥淭he Great War and the Jersey Shore: The U-151鈥檚 Gamble Hits Atlantic City鈥 by Zachary Baer, 124

鈥淩ailbirding and Rice on the Wading River: Recollections, Anecdotes, and Natural History鈥 by Horace Somes Jr., Stephen Eichinger, and Peter H. Stemmer, 138

鈥淢aurice River Memories: 鈥楴ight & Day鈥 and 鈥楬ip Boots鈥 鈥 by Joseph Reeve, 159

鈥淎melia and the Other George鈥 by F. James Bergmann, 7

鈥淟ast Line of Defense: The Lumberton Nike Missile Base鈥 by Jim Alexander, 14

鈥淢ullica Valley Ports and Landings: Past and Planned鈥 by Kenneth W. Able and Horace A. Somes Jr., 31

鈥淭he Little Indian Day Camp: 鈥楢 Woodland Experience鈥 鈥 by Stephen C. Fiedler, 40

鈥淭he Cuts in the Mullica River: From Oyster Plantations to Thoroughfares for Transportation鈥 by Kenneth W. Able, 63

鈥淭he Bucto Wildfi re: 1930鈥擭ew Gretna to Little Egg Harbor鈥 by Horace A. Somes Jr., 68

鈥淢aurice River Memories: The Garden of Eden, Fisherman鈥檚 Luck, and Last Time on the River鈥 by Joseph S. Reeves, 79

鈥淎 Vincentown Wedding: The Marriage Book of Francis Bazley Lee and Sara Stretch Eayre鈥 by Paulie Wenger, 93

鈥淭he Hurley House鈥 by William J. Lewis, 103

鈥淗erb Misner: Snapper Trapper鈥 by Dennis McDonald, 108

鈥淪amuel C. Chester: Southern New Jersey Photographer鈥 by Gary D. Saretzky, 129

鈥淭he Cape May Lighthouse: A Sight of New Jersey鈥 by Amanda Sciandra, 150

鈥淎 Visit to the NASW Museum鈥 by Cory Krause, 155

鈥淎bsecon Club鈥 by Paul W. Schopp, 160

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